Creation of a website in Joomla for a gym, consisting of a blog, event calendar, gallery and webshop.
Subsequent rewrite of this site using Wordpress. Not least because of Joomla's quality, but because of WordPress’s greater market penetration, user support and expansion possibilities.
Migration of personal website from Joomla to Wordpress, including all articles and extensive portfolio.
Creation of an Android application for the purpose of astrophotography, which has will be published via Google Play.
This application consists of:
- Telescope calculator
- Camera calculator
- CCD calculator
- Photographic filter calculator


Techniques used
Basic4Android, Joomla, Wordpress, MySQL, HTML, CSS

12 June 2017

Creation of various administrative solutions, such as a stock records system and payment records system, accompanied by various management reports. These solutions were mainly created using Access 2010 and VB.Net 2005.
Automation of various business processes and general IT support of administration and management. This also included the complete digitization of the entire accounts payable administration.
Creation of an Android application that allows the customer to have a direct real-time insight in the various business processes by telephone, such as cash sales and payments to be made. This financial information has been made available using ASP.Net web services.
Installation of servers and workstations, as well as a security system consisting of 32 surveillance cameras.


Techniques used:
Joomla, Opencart, PHP, MySQL, SQLServer, IIS7.5, VB6, MS-Office, VBA, HTML, CSS

9 April 2013
Rede Mais

Creation of several websites using Joomla and Opencart. Among others this concerned my personal website and a web shop for a supermarket. Moreover creation of several administrative solutions for a supermarket. This varied from creation of MS-Word templates and MS-Excel spreadsheets to installation and configuration of a SQLServer database instance.


Techniques used
Joomla, Opencart, PHP, MySQL, SQLServer, IIS7.5, VB6, MS-Office, VBA, HTML, CSS

1 March 2012

Modification of web services to facilitate the import and export of new messages. Modification of the UI and other functionality of a web application and related web services. These modifications consisted of rewriting program code, modification of SQLServer tables and stored procedures, creation of ASP.NET web pages and modification/tweaking of HTML documents.

Moreover, development of an MS-Access application in order to generate over 300.000 MS-Word documents. All functionality, import of CSV files through MS-Access import definitions, processing the data and output of MS-Word documents, was done by use of VBA.
Techniques used
VB.Net 2008, C# 2008, SQL-Server 2005, HTML, ASP.NET, Visual Basic 6, VBA

1 March 2011

Development of an MS-Access database in order to exchange data between the computer systems of the BeFrank and Binck banks, based on XML. Moreover, this data needed to be validated using XSD definition files. The fulfillment of an advisory role concerning the use of MS-Word macro’s and the accompanying program code.


Techniques used

MS-Access 2003/2007, MS-Word, MS-Excel, VBA

19 October 2010

Creation of a Joomla site for a specialized coffee shop in Vitória, Brazil.

The following components were made using plugins;
- Latest news
- Recipe database
- Events calendar
- Bulletin with the latest weekly menu
- Forums


Techniques used
Joomla CMS, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, PHP, HTML, CSS

17 May 2010
Café Do Canto

Design and implementation of a mileage manager for mobile phones, running on Microsoft Mobile 6 Standard or Professional operating system.


Techniques used
VB .Net 2008, MSSQL Server Compact, XML, MS-Excel

1 February 2010

Reverse-engineering of an undocumented VB6 application. Removal of obsolete functionality which would be replaced by newly developed software. Modifications to older applications to enable communication with other web applications by means of XML. Special care had to be taken concerning the integration tests in the existing IT infrastructure. The XML communication was realised by using Microsoft XML Core Services 6.0. Writing of documentation which will form the basis of the functional and technical requirements for future developments.


Techniques used
VB6, MS Core XML Services 6.0, MSSQL 2008, ASP.NET 2.0

5 January 2010

Creation of a database solution to facilitate the centralised modification of XSD definition documents used by various web services. The bulk of the functionality was written in VBA. A challenge of this task was the iterating nature of an XSD document. The chosen solution enabled the customer to enforce changes in a uniform and straightforward manner, preventing multiple versions of that same XSD document.


Techniques used
MS Access 2003, VBA, XML, XSD


24 November 2009
Nationale Nederlanden

Automation of the deployment/roll out of the CAS web application.
This goal was achieved using Advanced Installer (AI), an MSI-generator combined with a custom shell written in Visual Studio 2008. This solution enabled the following fully automated steps:
- Creation of website.
- Installation of website files.
- Installation of local files.
- Creating web application pools, web applications and virtual directories.
- Creating users.
- Automatic modification of web.config and other XML files.
- Transparent installation of prerequisites, such as MDAC 2.8, Microsoft AJAX Extensions, custom DLLs and other requirements.
- Assigning users to virtual directories.
Installation time and effort of Q-bit's web application has been reduced dramatically.


Techniques used
VB2008, Advanced Installer, MSSQL 2008, IIS 6.0

1 October 2009
Q-Bit Solutions

Design of a fully automated timesheet in Microsoft Excel using VBA. Weekends and holidays are calculated automatically. After filling out a sheet, it can be exported and underlying VBA code will be excluded from this export. Within the sheet one can add employers and projects etc dynamically.
Creation of an MS Access application for private use, converting bank account statements from TXT format to QIF format, enabling the user to use this data in applications such as Microsoft Money, Quicken or AceMoney.


Techniques used
MS Access, MS Excel, VBA


15 August 2009

Development of an MS-Access application for Ponto Certo, a Brazilian supermarket, using MS-Access 2003 VBA. The application consists of a billing part and a customer administration part, all written in Portuguese. The customer administration enabled the user to easily keep track of all customers who purchase on credit. The billing part has as main goals: recording of all invoices, source of reference in case of disagreements with suppliers and a basis for a, yet to be realised, stock record administration.


Techniques used
MS Access 2007, VBA

1 April 2009
Ponto Certo

Creation of various plug-ins for SolidWorks, a CAD / CAM application which is widely used within the automotive industry.
These plug-ins consisted of:
- Writing a number of .Net COM objects (DLLs) as plug-ins serving a Product Data Management System
- Writing a number of applications enabling users to migrate their CAD / CAM documents to a new PDM system.
- Designing 2 administrator Interfaces, in order to enable Super users to modify the underlying databases (MS Access 2003 (VBA) and SQL Server 2005) according to business rules etc.
- Writing a number of test applications to enable the customer to test the operation of the plug-ins from within Visual Basic 6 and VB.Net.


Techniques used
MS Access 2003, MS SQL Server 2005, VBA, VB6, VB.NET 2.0

2 January 2009

Modification of an existing application written in Visual Basic 6, serving dentists and dental laboratories. The majority of changes consisted of a visual redesign of the User Interface (UI).
One of those changes was the replacement of various push buttons, combo boxes and text boxes with one cross-hair element, to simplify entry of coordinates into the underlying SQL-Server database, meanwhile reducing the risk of errors substantially.
Design of a tool in VB.NET to export data from a SQL Server database to an XML file. This file would be used to inform customers through a webservice about their order status.


Techniques used
MS Access 2003, MS SQL Server 2005, VBA, VB6, VB.NET 2.0, XML

1 May 2008

Being part of a team effort to convert an application used by the Customs Department to a newer technology. After extensive reverse-engineering the entire application was modified and converted line by line, according to the requirements of the customer. Tools used were mainly VB, VBA, MS Access and SQL Server. Research of the pros and cons of a conversion to .NET with an Oracle backend.


Techniques used
MS Access 2003, MS SQL Server 2005, VBA, VB6, VB.NET 2.0

1 May 2007

Design of several Windows applications using .NET 2003;
CCT: Conversion of banking text files into CSV to facilitate import into Oracle.
Fee2: Calculation of performance Fee involved with equity transactions, as a temporary alternative to a future Oracle application.
Infosys: Time registration of programming efforts for in-house use.
Ideaal: Automating the Individual Investment Advice. Old application consisted of 20 to 30 MS Excel workbooks. These have been replaced by a single .NET application with an MS-Access backend. Consisted of importing from Oracle and spreadsheets. Exports to spreadsheets in part because of keeping backward compatibility with older applications.


Techniques used
MS Access 2003, VBA, VB.NET 2003, Oracle DBMS, Toad

2 October 2006

Temporary replacement of a consultant at the support desk of Logica CMG. The main task consisted of supporting Microsoft products such as VB, Visual Studio, MS Access (VBA) and SQL server. A number of world-wide used programs had to be modified or partially rewritten.


Techniques used
MS Access 2003, MS SQL Server 2005, VBA, VB6

3 July 2006
Logica CMG

Auditing of dozens of applications of various internal business units. Upgrading and/or converting these applications in accordance with the produced audit report.
Various applications needed partial rebuilding and re-engineering using technologies such as VB6 and MS Access (VBA).


Techniques used
MS Access 2000-2002-2003, VBA, VB6

3 October 2005

Co-development of a database application for the Survey Department, registering and invoicing equipment rentals.
This was accomplished using MS-Access 2002 (VBA).


Techniques used
MS Access 2003, VBA

1 February 2005
Van Oord

Eliminating a number of very persistent bugs in a Visual Basic 6 application. Moreover, various modifications and improvements to enable/simplify future maintenance and migration to .NET.


Techniques used
MS SQL Server 2000, VB6

1 September 2004

Modifying existing software. Modifications consisted of improving existing applications, including an application to determine web search engine rankings. Development of web applications, including a news feed reader and weather page.


Techniques used
ASP, HTML, MS Access 2002, SQL Server2000, VBA, VB6, VBScript, XML, XSLT

3 May 2004

Setting up and maintaining a Travel website, including forums and a graphical destination database.


Techniques used
FrontPage, Namo, Macromedia Flash, PHP, ASP

15 October 2003

Setting up and maintaining a site serving a job agency, using FrontPage and Namo web editors, Macromedia Flash, PHP and ASP. By using an online web editor and database editing screens, the user was enabled to perform his own maintenance, eliminating the need for expensive external experts.


Techniques used
FrontPage, Namo, Macromedia Flash, PHP, ASP

15 May 2003

Setting up and maintaining a corporate presence website, including a forum, photo gallery and chat rooms.


Techniques used
FrontPage, Namo, MS Powerpoint, Macromedia Flash, PHP, ASP

1 March 2003
Kikkerpad Foundation

Construction of three applications in Visual Basic 6 and MS Access 97 (VBA).
VMK53 – A VB6 application for the calculation of embankment flooding chances. This was mainly done by developing an interface between an existing GUI and an MS-Access 2000 database through the use of various classes.
EKM – An MS Access 97 application for registration and cost calculation of railway lines.
QV – A VB6 application for the calculation and visualization of operating the railway network in the Netherlands with a connection to SQL Server 2000 database.


Techniques used
MS Access 2000, SQL Server 7, VB6, VBA

1 November 2002
QQQ Delft

Development of several different time registration databases.
- TAR, a business registration program serving stimulation of the Sales Program.
- Various banking applications with ODBC links to their backends.
- Conversion Routines in MS-Access database between different systems using VBA.
- Operational Risk Management database.
- Development of an MS Excel application for registration of so-called 'buckets' serving the Investment Department.
This was accomplished calling a C++ COM object from VBA.
- Construction of a complex application using MS-Access 97 for staff evaluation purposes. A master database, fed by a SAP database, creates child-databases, which in turn produce Excel spreadsheets and word documents. After processing, these worksheets are imported in the child database. The child databases are imported into the master database, and an output file is produced for processing in SAP. All functionality was realized in VBA. Design and construction in close consultation with the client.


Techniques used
MS Access '97, ODBC, VBA

1 February 2002
Mees Pierson Bank

Development and maintenance within a ResQnet environment.
Resqnet is a Java-based Web browser application to present old-fashioned mainframe data through a modern graphic user interface.


Techniques used
MS Access '97, VBA, Java

1 October 2001
Fortis Bank

Construction of a complex application using MS-Access 97 for staff evaluation purposes. A master database, fed by a SAP database, creates child-databases, which in turn produce Excel spreadsheets and word documents. After processing, these worksheets are imported in the child database. The child databases are imported into the master database, and an output file is produced for processing in SAP. All functionality was realized in VBA. Design and construction in close consultation with the client.


Techniques used
MS Access, MS Excel, MS Word, VBA

1 May 2001
Mees Pierson Bank

Construction of an application in MS-Access97 for the conversion and processing of salary data following the fusion between Bank Mees Pierson, Generale Bank, VSB Bank, Fortis Bank and several other small banks. Design of MS Word templates with links to MS-Access databases. Design and construction in close consultation with the client. Made intensive use of VBA.


Techniques used
MS Access '97, VBA

1 June 2000
Fortis Bank

Construction of application in MS-Access97 (VBA) for the registration and "matching" of dependents and caregivers.
Building of functionality for management information, annual statements and annual reports.
Design and construction in close consultation with the client.


Techniques used
MS Access '97, VBA

7 February 2000

Creation of various reports in Crystal Reports 7 with an Oracle backend.
Design of a conversion routine between Oracle and MS Access backend databases in VB6.


Techniques used
Crystal Reports 7, Oracle, MS Access '97, VB6

7 January 2000
Centocor (Janssen Biotech)

Design of a replication solution for synchronising several MS-Access databases between Windows ‘95 laptops and a centralised Windows NT server.
Millennium proofing of several Access 97 (VBA) databases.


Techniques used
MS Access '97, VBA

1 December 1999
Stena Line

- Designing several applications in VB6 and MS-Access 97 (VBA), conversion from MS-Access 2.0 to MS-Access 97.
- Migration of MS-DOS applications in an MS-DOS environment to a Windows NT environment.
- Performing of impact Analysis, function point analysis and plans.
- Writing installation scripts in VB5 and MS-Access.


Techniques used
MS Access 2.0 & '97, VBA

1 June 1999

Maintenance and conversion from/to MS Access 2.0 and MS Access 97 databases. New construction in MS Access 97, mainly software used by insurance business and information management.

Techniques used
MS-Access 2.0, MS-Access '97

21 September 1998

Conversion of Clipper and dBase IV programs into MS-Access 97.


Techniques used
Dbase IV, Clipper 5.*, MS-Access '97, VBA

10 August 1998
Q & R Detachering

Route planning and captain's administration for maritime use, written in VB5 and MS Access 97.


Techniques used
Visual Basic 5, MS-Access '97, VBA

6 May 1998
Pakhoed Shipping (Vopak)

Creation of an information management and statistics application using MS-Word/Access 97.


Techniques used
Visual Basic 5.0, MS-Access '97

8 April 1998

- Design of a first aid application in Visual Basic 5.0, to be used by the user support department.
- Development of a database management system in order to save Siemens mainframe screens in MS-Access 95.
- Programming of templates and e-mail functionalities through the use of MS-Word Basic 7.


Techniques used
Visual Basic 5.0, MS-Access '95 & MS-Word 7.0

3 November 1997

- Coordination of daily helpdesk work.
- Establishment and development of a procedure book.
- Support and advice for users.


Techniques used
Microsoft Office '95, VBA

2 June 1997
NWO (National Institute for Scientific Research of the Netherlands)

End user support.
Inventory of reported and related problems.


Techniques used
Microsoft Office '95, VBA

7 April 1997
De Lage Landen

End user support.
Inventory of reported problems.


Techniques used
Microsoft Office '95, VBA

20 March 1997
Gemeente Oosterhout

Design and development of a database system for technical assistance purposes, written in MS Access.


Techniques used
MS-Access '95, VBA

1 January 1997
Paardekooper & Hoffman

Development of a time registration system in order to process that data for import in "Exact", an accounting system.
The collection and archiving of data, providing reports and management information, designing extensive procedures.
The conversion of a time recording system from MS-DOS to Visual FoxPro.


Techniques used
Exact, MS-Access '95, VBA, Foxpro 3.0

2 July 1996
RLD (Dutch Aviation Authority)

Acted first 3 years as a cashier. Subsequently acted as a support engineer and a junior software developer.
Main tasks were problem solving, inventory and support, coordination of all possible operational problems, installing applications.
Development of simple computer programs.


Techniques used
Clarion, VB 1.0 - 4.0, Dbase III, Clipper, Easytrieve, MS-Access 1.0, WordPerfect, Unix servers, Lan Manager, MS Office, Windows 3.11

1 July 1985
Stad Rotterdam Verzekeringen (Insurances)

Mainly short term administrative work.

2 June 1980
Administrative Assistant

- 107th Afdva in Breda (Artillery),
- 44th PainfBat in Assen (Infantry),
- UNIFIL in Haris, Lebanon (Driver, radio operator)

8 January 1979
Military enlistment

Realisation of divers administrative and accounting operations such as accounts receivable and accounts payable, billing and correspondence in a small office environment.

2 May 1977
Hermse Elektrotechniek